The LPF Trusts must advise their Group Insurance members that with effect from 1st January 2019 there will be an increase of 50p to subscriptions. The reason for this increase is simply down to legal expenses being increased due to higher demand and to maintain this service we have had to make this nominal increase.

 There has been no increase for a while now and this was done at the very minimum, we could whilst ensuring we provide the service.

 There are some changes to the cover to facilitate this and details are on the Terms and Conditions that will be produced shortly and published on this website.

 These increases do not come into effect until 1st Jan 2019 which would mean the first amended payment for police on 15th January, Staff the end of January and Retired members 1st February 2019

 If you need any more information please call us on 0116 2759930.

 We will also be posting a letter to our members regarding this.