Date of issue: 16/03/2020

The advice below relates to coverage under your policy for claims relating to Coronavirus. The terms and conditions of your policy as they relate to other situations will continue to apply.

General advice
We encourage you to:
 Contact your travel provider(s) as soon as possible to establish if refunds are available or bookings can be changed
 Follow governmental or local health guidelines.
FCO advice is available at Information about Coronavirus can be found at:

Cover under your policy for claims relating to Coronavirus

If you are currently overseas

If you become ill with Coronavirus, or if you are quarantined overseas, then your policy will cover your medical expenses as well as additional accommodation expenses and changes to your itinerary until you are able to return home, provided that you did not travel against Governmental advice against all or all but essential travel.

If you become ill, you should contact the 24-hour medical emergency service helpline shown in your policy. Please bear in mind that local conditions may affect our ability to provide medical assistance.

If you have a trip booked

If you become ill in the UK and are unable to travel as planned

If you become ill and are unable to travel for a medical reason then you will be able to make a cancellation claim. This will apply if there has been a change to your health after you booked the trip or purchased the insurance (whichever is the later) and you are certified as medically unable to travel. If your doctor advises you not to travel due to your existing health conditions, we will consider a cancellation claim, so long as you are able to provide evidence that you are advised against travelling for medical reasons and your health conditions have been advised to us as required by the policy wording.

You are also covered for cancellation due to unavoidable emergency duty or compulsory quarantine.
Trips to a country or region for which the FCO advises against all or all but essential travel

You will be able to make a cancellation claim for non-refundable unused accommodation and travel costs provided that:
a) The directive is in force on your booked date of departure and
b) The directive came into force after you booked your trip or purchased your insurance,
whichever is the later
c) You first contact your travel provider for a refund of your booking or to see if your itinerary
can be amended.

Trips involving a stopover in an area for which there is an FCO directive in place

You should first check with your travel provider to see if they can change your itinerary. We will consider the costs you incur in changing your plans and if you are obliged to cancel your entire trip, we will consider a cancellation claim as described above.

Trips to countries where there has been an outbreak of Coronavirus, but for which no FCO travel directive is in place

You should contact your travel provider to see if they can assist with amending or refunding your trip. Whilst we appreciate that you may no longer wish to travel, your insurance will not cover a cancellation claim in these circumstances.

Trips that are cancelled by your travel provider

You are entitled to a full refund from your travel provider

This is an unprecedented and dynamic event that we appreciate is of great concern to our customers. It is impossible for us to give definitive statements to every set of circumstances. We are committed to treating customers fairly and, subject to the above, will consider claims on their merits. Please refer to your policy document for details on how to make a claim